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Healthy Food Is The Foundation Of A Happy Life

Mi Ami sources the finest fruits and vegetables directly from local farms. We then process nature's best in our convenient, yet delicious meals.

All of our meals are healthy and crafted specifically for foodies that are following keto and banting diets.

Product Range

Our natural food range consists of

  • Fresh fruit
  • Individual vegetables
  • Fresh vegetable boxes
  • Delicious meals
  • Nuts
  • Spices

We stay away from processed foods where possible


We deliver our fresh vegetable boxes, individual vegetables and even our complete meals directly to your home.

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New Products

We add new products to our online shop every day
Beef filet prepared by Mi Ami
Blackberries from Mi Ami
Blueberries from Mi-Ami
Chili con carne from Mi Ami
Organic broccoli from Mi Ami
Macadamia Nuts

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